Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Fabrics!

Very excited - just had these two gorgeous vintage fabrics delivered. They are so pretty and will be perfect for spring.

Now I'm off to start creating - watch this space to see what they are transformed into.

Is it wrong to get this excited over vintage fabric?? :)

On A Completely Random Note...

Just had to post this pic. It's one of my fave photos ever.

It's our labrador Alice during a trip to our favourite beach last summer.

She adores swimming and gets soooo excited at the beach.

She can never resist getting as close to us as possible before shaking all that salty, doggy water off her coat.

Isn't she cute??

Slouchy Selma

Quick post to confirm that Slouchy Selma was sent on her way to her new home today. Enjoy her!

Jen x

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sixties Sara

The gorgeous Sixties Sara has been uploaded to my Etsy shop today.

She is made from an incredible vintage fabric made in Scandinavia in the 1960's. I think my Swedish heritage makes me feel especially fond of her.

Here is her story:

"Sixties Sara started life in Scandinavia in the 1960s as a beautiful piece of vintage fabric. Sadly she was never used and eventually ended up Down Under. She always longed to be made into something beautiful - and now she has been! Lined with the fabric from a salvaged linen skirt and topped with a cute vintage button, she has been completely 'rejenerated' into a statement making tote. Being a 60's hippie at heart, she is very proud of her green credentials!"

Jen x

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dear Daisy

Just a quick note to say that I have just added 'Dear Daisy' to my Etsy shop. I really love this little bag and can't believe she is the product of a down-and-out table cloth!
Here is her story:
"Dear Daisy started life as a tablecloth in a quaint old farmhouse but when the children grew up and there were no more big family gatherings, Daisy was put out to pasture. But now she has been paired with a set of salvaged curtains and 'rejenerated' into the cutest handbag!Don't forget to take Daisy when you eat out or go for a picnic - she'll feel right at home!"
I have a few more bags sitting here waiting to be uploaded so stay tuned.
Jen x

Hello World!

Whoo hoo! Finally got a spare moment to start this blog!

Firstly thanks to everyone who has given me such enormous support in the launch of my new little venture 'rejenerate'.
Some people look at me like I'm a crazy woman when I tell them I take old unwanted clothes, bags and homewares and turn them into gorgeous new handbags and fashion accessories but I get a major high from taking unwanted things and turning them into something new and gorgeous!

I have been churning out the handbags like crazy over the last few weeks (with the help of my gorgeous mum!) in order to get enough stock to get to the markets, get involved in some design shows I've been invited to and get enough photos taken to start my website and pitch to some more boutiques.

I sold my first clutch, "Whimsical Wilma" (pictured) on my etsy site (rejenerate.etsy.com) the other day. I had so much fun making her and thought she was so cute so was a bit sad to see her go! I hope it isn't always going to be this emotional he he he
Etsy has been a bit slow - to be expected I guess given that it is primarily a US site and they are all pretty worried about the state of their economy at the moment. But it's a great way to showcase my little creations if nothing else - and I've been kept busy with lots of custom orders which are so much fun to create.
Hopefully I can get my website up and running soon!
Jen x