Sunday, February 12, 2012

I know it's predictable...

...but I love gift wrapping. Shocking right?

Because I'm the type of person who has more fabric, paper and ribbons than any person really should have.

And doilies. Ridiculous amounts of doilies.

So I use them to make presents pretty. And it makes me smile.

And usually, it makes the recipient of the gift smile too.

This package is for my niece, Grace.

Let's face it, it's more what's inside this package that will make her smile.

But, hey.


This weekend. Heaven. There was sunshine. There was good coffee. There was a kid-free mini road-trip with the Mister. There was splashing in the sea with the little Miss. There was carrot cake. There was time spent with a bestie who lives far, far away. There was my sister. There were lots of toddler sized giggles. The cutest giggles in the world.
There were plans made...the type of plans that give you butterflies.

Monday, February 6, 2012

mr. wishlist

I try very hard to be on the anti-valentine's bandwagon. I really do. I know it's consumerist. I know it's commercialised. I know it's vomit-worthy.
The problem is...I love an excuse to celebrate. An excuse to be all geeky romantic and spend time with the mister. So this V-Day I will be packing a picnic complete with love notes and letting myself be totally uncool and enjoy a little commercial romance.
Here are some things that would make your fave man happy on Valentine's Day.
(sorry for the long and unnattractive links - I'm having problems with hyperlinks...)

Thursday, February 2, 2012