Monday, December 29, 2008

Summer Days

Today was a day dedicated almost entirely to drinking beer and playing lawn bowls.
We didn't wear heels or manage the perfect pout, but we did manage to have great fun nonetheless.
Things have been a bit slow on the handbag front as I take a break for Christmas and enjoy the lead-up to my wedding (this weekend!!!). But I have some really exciting things in the pipeline for next year so I will hit the ground running when I get back from my week of honeymooning.
Bring it on!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Today I'm Obsessed With...

Today I'm obsessed with...'The Bay Run' in Sydney's Inner West. It's a lovely 7km path that runs around the water and is mostly nice and flat which makes for a nice easy jog.

My enthusiam has recently rubbed off on my fiance who has started joining me...however I am a very anti-social runner. I really don't like having to have a conversation while running and I don't even really like running next to someone else...throws off my pace or something.

So I make him run the course clockwise while I run it anti-clockwise and we hi-five in the middle :)

Yes I realise this is odd. But it's just the way I like it.

Groovy Greta

Here is Groovy Greta, the latest tote in the collection:

"Groovy Greta started life in the seventies as a psychedelic piece of vintage fabric. Now that she has been lined with a fun vintage print, topped with recycled buttons and 'rejenerated' into a funky handbag, she is ready to bring her own brand of groovy retro style to the new millennium."
You can buy her here.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Life Is Complete.

I love coffee. I can't help it.

Every now and then I get a bee in my bonnet and try to transfer my addiction to herbal tea, which I also enjoy...but it's just not the same.

Most days I go for a wander in my neighbourhood and pick a convincing looking barista to fulfill my daily addiction.

I usually try to go with soy but often I fall back on that naughty dairy stuff.

Sometimes I will have the coffee in a cafe, try and get some work done and enjoy a brief change of scenery. But usually I get a take-away and head home to attack my inbox.

You know what that means? I probably go through at least 200 paper coffee cups a year, not to mention those enticing little plastic lids that keep everything all warm and contained.

Imagine if I had sugar?? That would add 200 plastic spoons and 200 paper sachets to the daily count. Ah, the guilt.

Is it just me or are paper coffee cups the latest fashion accessory?? It seems the paparazzi can't get a shot of a starlet who isn't clutching one of these little suckers.

Oversized sunnies. Check. Hideously overpriced handbag. Check. Enormous cup of Starbucks. Check.

But fear not ladies. Today I made the below discovery...

A porcelain cup that LOOKS like a take away cup. Now you can ease your land-fill guilt without giving up your dream of being the third Olsen twin...err triplet.

Just today's little gift from me to you.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Today I Have A Crush On....

Today I have a crush on Connor Oberst. Ok most days I have a crush on Connor Oberst. This is probably confusing for those who know me as he is, well, much too pretty for my taste. But he is the most amazing song writer and performer and I dunno...I just think he's tops alright?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Comes Early!

Isn't this dress cute? It's the 'Garden Love Dress' by Mother Maria. The designer behind the label, Katie Gannon, is a vintage lover from way back and the detailing on the dress is made from vintage fabric...each dress is unique and features different combinations of cute vintage prints. Mine has brown leaves and flowers. So cute!
The dress is one of my Christmas pressies from my lovely man and it arrived in the post today. I have to wait till Christmas though :(
Only 10 sleeps! Actually 9! One of the benefits of being half Swedish is you get to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. Yeeeeesssss!

Mmmm food

Here are some of the culinary delights from my hen's night. The evening started out all ladylike with 'champagne high tea' in my courtyard but ended a little messier! In any case, it was a really fun night.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Summer? Are you there?

What is with this crazy weather? Right now I am wearing trackies and a hoodie...on the 12th of December!!! Oops, guess I just smashed any glamourous illusions about my new working life!
I have spent most of the afternoon day-dreaming about January when we will escape to a South Coast beach house for our honeymoon. Yay!
Fingers crossed that this weather clears up for my last night of crazy, single gal fun (hen's night) tomorrow night...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Green Gwynnie

Here is the latest edition to the Rejenerate range. She's such a great summer bag. Here is Green Gwynnie's story:

"Yep - she's bright green alright, but Gwynnie is green in more ways than one. Created from a piece of vintage fabric, lined with the layering from a pre-loved skirt and topped with recycled buttons, Gwynnie is the ultimate in eco-fashion. Pop her over your shoulder, jump on your bike and head to the local growers' markets for your organic vegies and your halo will be shining bright!"

Buy her here.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I met lots of talented designers while doing the Finders Keepers Markets over the weekend. In the stall next to me was the lovely Jenny from paperlion. Her handbound notebooks are just divine.
Check them out in her etsy shop. They would make a gorgeous Christmas gift.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finders Keepers = Success + Exhaustion

Wow - what an awesome weekend it was at The Finders Keepers Markets at Carriageworks. The friday night was especially PACKED with a funky and friendly crowd and I was on my feet all night chatting with people and selling my recycled lovelies. Luckily my gorgeous mum was there to help out as was my fiance...he and his mates did a great job of keeping the bar in business all night he he he

Thank you so much to everyone who dropped by to say hi, picked up some of my wares or just came by to check out my stall. A huge thanks especially to those who have been following my blog and came to the markets especially to see me. I had no idea all the lovely people out there who have been reading my blog. You really made my day!!

Yesterday was recovery day so we headed to The Rocks Markets (had I not had enough of markets???) to pick up some gorgeous handmade Christmas decorations and got out (and dusted off!) the old Christmas tree for the first time in five years!!

I must say that I find the commercialism of Christmas a bit overwhelming most of the time but there is something about a Chrissie Tree that really gets me in the spirit. Could have had something to do with the g&t's consumed while decorating :)

Today I have also had the morning off and headed off to 'Mint Condition' my favourite vintage boutique on Victoria Rd in Rozelle. I was on a mission to find a dress for my Hen's Night which is on this weekend and has a vintage theme.

I found a gorgeous dress from the fifties that will be perfect. The festivities are starting at my place for 'Champagne High Tea' so I headed to Vinnies as well and picked up a fabulous kitsch tea set to use for serving up all the treats on the day. The rest of the night's activities are being kept secret from me...should be fun!!

Today's last stop was Ikea. Having been born in Sweden, I always feel nostalgic when I am faced with all that natural pine and scandinavian fabric...not to mention the smell of meatballs and potatoes sizzling away...and I don't even eat meat!!!

I picked up a few Christmas specials, including one of my fave treats 'Pepparkakor' (ginger snaps). Ikea's version may not be quite as good as Farmor (grandma) made them, but I must say, they're pretty damn good!

Mmmmm...I'm off to get stuck in now! And then to attack the inbox full of emails that has stacked up during my relaxing morning of vintage fashion and Swedish yummies.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Finders Keepers Markets

If you are in Sydney this weekend then be sure to drop by and check out my wares at The Finders Keepers Markets.

The Finders Keepers Markets is a bi-annual event that showcases the work of over 60 emerging designers and artists from Sydney local designers to areas all around Australia.

WHERE: 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh NSW 2015. see website for directions

WHEN: Friday 5th December from 6pm –10pm Saturday 6th December from 12pm – 10pm

There will be so many fantastic Aussie designers to see and it's the perfect opportunity to pick up some unique and gorgeous Christmas presents while showing your support for independent Australian design.

See you there x

Monday, December 1, 2008

Vintage Violet

I have just arrived home from the post office where I sent my latest little clutch 'Vintage Violet' off to her new home.

Here is her story:

"Vintage Violet started life in the seventies as a whimsical piece of vintage fabric. Sadly she was never used and eventually found herself in a new millennium …still unloved and alone. Now that she has been completely ‘rejenerated’ into a sweet little clutch and topped with a button from a piece of vintage French couture, she is finally ready to get out there and make up for decades of boredom. Be prepared for Violet to put you in the limelight as she brings her undeniable sense of vintage chic into your life!"

Strangers With Candy

If you've ever wandered down past Crown Street in Surry Hills and ended up in East Redfern you would be familiar with this little gem of a restaurant 'Strangers With Candy'.

It was anniversary number 11 for me and the mister on saturday so a meal at this old favourite was just the ticket.

We were huge fatties and had three courses which were all divine. I had haloumi gnocci for main which was gorgeous and I topped it off with chocolate fudge cake with orange toffee sauce. YUM!!
This place has the best desserts you have ever tried...and believe me - I've tried many!
All washed down with a 2001 semillion from the Lovedale winery in the Hunter Valley...very appropriate really given how much I do indeed 'love Dale' :)
Anway - if you're ever in the hood...don't pass this great little place by. Wonderful breakfasts too!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Look Who's Got A Green Thumb...

Just a quick post to show off basically :)
In my ongoing quest to be a good little greenie I have been obediently nurturing my little vegie and herb garden and am now the proud mother of a healthy inner-city vegie patch featuring spinach, tomatoes and herbs galore.
Tonight we dined on organic spinach with fresh thyme. Yum!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hippie Harriet

Well as my debut at Manly markets has been derailed by rain for the second week in a row (I think I may be jinxing them!!) I thought I'd best get some of my product online instead! So I am madly taking photos and posting.

Here is Hippie Harriet's story:
"Hippie Harriet started life as a pretty bohemian skirt but soon she found herself a victim of today's disposable fashion culture and was suddenly unloved and alone. Now that she has been completely deconstructed and 'rejenerated' into a a funky tote, her green credentials help her bring a touch of bohemia to every outfit!"
She is available in my etsy store now!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Post Office Guy Now Knows My Name!

Now I could look at this one of two ways:
1. He remembers me because I'm constantly at the post office which means that I am selling lots of bags which means that things are going really well

2. Now that I no longer have three of my best buddies sitting within chatting distance all day (as per my previous job) I ramble on endlessly to the poor unsuspecting post office man every time I enter the post office which causes him to think I'm a little unusual and therefore I stick in his memory.

Hmmmm I'm going with reason number one I think.

Here are today's packages...just waiting to be taken to the lovely post office guy :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Manly Markets

Just a quick note to say that I will be at Manly Markets tomorrow from 10am.
Feel free to drop by and say hi if you're going to be in the area.

Mini Molly

I know I haven't been posting many bags online of late...I have been madly creating for markets and shows which has kept me very busy!

I have managed to get a new petite made for my etsy store though, her name is Mini Molly and here is her story:

"Mini Molly started life long ago as a sweet floral apron but soon she was cast aside and eventually discarded. Now that she has been paired with some reconstructed jeans, lined with a salvaged skirt and topped with the cutest vintage button she has been completely 'rejenerated' into the cutest lil' handbag.Give Molly a chance at a new life and she will fill everyday with a little 'cottage chic'!"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Balmain Arts & Craft Show

What are you doing this weekend? Why not get along to the Balmain Art & Craft Show?

I have been invited to show my bags there which is very cool. Great to get involved with some local shows.

The opening friday night is already sold out but it will be open on saturday and sunday and admission is free. It's a great opportunity to pick up some locally designed and made arts and crafts for Christmas!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

As promised, here is another addition to my quickly expanding clutch range. Here name is Betty Blue and here is her story:
"Betty Blue started life as an oh-so-chic puffy sleeved, frilly, frothy 80s cocktail dress! Unfortunately fashion is fickle and it quickly moved on without her. Trimmed with the fabric from a pre-loved summer shirt and completely 'rejenerated' into a statement-making clutch, Betty has left the 80s behind and is ready to check out the party scene in the 21st century!"
Grab her now at

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Betty Bow

I was excited to be asked by my lovely friend Giovanna Lever, to make a little red clutch for her. I created Betty Bow and sent her off this week.

Here is her story:

"Betty Bow started life as a gorgeous red party frock but soon the invitations dried up and she was left alone at the back of the closet.
Now that she has been trimmed with some cute vintage fabric and completely ‘rejenenerated’ into a clutch with attitude, she is longing to get back on the party scene! Beware: Betty loves to be the centre of attention so is not recommended for wallflowers…"

I am currently working on a number of clutches and will post them this space!

The lovley Giv has her own business called GivandTake which has been featured in Sydney Morning Hearld's Good Living and is currently being featured in Notebook magazine. Check her out on page 59!

Or head to her website to check out all the delicious home made treats she makes - many of which are traditional Italian recipes passed down through the generations of her family.

Giv will be making the desserts for our upcoming wedding too so our guests are in for a real treat!!

My favourite are her Pasta di Mandorle - truly the most delicious treat I have ever had! Keep up the tasty work Giv :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have just completed the latest edidtion to my petities range 'Lil' Lana'.

Here is her lil' tale:

"Lil' Lana started life as a striking orange handbag but years of neglect left her all beaten and bruised. With the help of some stunning vintage fabric and a pre-loved sun dress, Lana has been completely 'rejenerated' into an irresistible petite handbag. Lana was always demure in the 70's but watch out because she's ready to get naughty in the noughties!"

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Lady Lola has just been uploaded to

Here is her story:

"Lady Lola is the combination of a beautiful piece of vintage upholstery fabric and parts of an unloved faux leather skirt. Lined with some striking blue salvaged curtains, Lola has been completely 'rejenerated' into a stunning upcycled handbag - perfect for adding a hint of vintage chic to your life."

Here I come Interweb!

I'm so excited - I just received the first screen shot of the my soon to be very own website!!!
Stay tuned as it will be launching very soon...

I got so excited that I called up my lovely mum to share the news forgetting that it was way past regular people's bedtimes! Eventhough she was fast asleep, she still managed to make some postive murmurs...thanks mum :)

Meanwhile had a lovely evening with my groom to-be. We had a meeting with a wedding photographer who was so lovely and had a gorgeous portfolio. So that could be another thing crossed off the to-do list. Whoo hoo!

Then headed out for a yummy Japanese meal. I am so obsessed with miso soup it may take out a restraining order on me.

Mmmmm Miso...

I wonder if you can get miso at 11.30pm in Balmain...only one way to find out...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bad Bride

Well I'm the first to admit that I have been rather laid back when it comes to the subject of our upcoming nuptials. But it's all getting a little too much for those close to me and I have received several stern talkings to of late he he he
So I am in organisation mode today and have worked on locking away a few of the final 'big things'.
Here is a pic of the beach we are getting married on and the gorgeous rustic old boathouse next to it that we will be partying the night away in afterwards.

Only about 10 weeks left!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rejenerate's 'Petites' Range

I have been busily working on a new line to add to the Rejenerate handbag range and have created a line of 'petites' after alot of feedback asking for a smaller sized handbag.

Cottage Cate is the first petite to be released. Here is her little story:
"Cottage Cate started life long ago as a sweet floral apron but soon she was cast aside and eventually discarded. Now that she has been paired with parts of a denim shirt, lined with a salvaged skirt and topped with the cutest vintage buttons she has been completely 'rejenerated' into the cutest lil' handbag.Give Cate a chance at a new life and she will fill everyday with a little 'cottage chic'!"
Stay tuned for more pretty petites coming soon!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Anyone wondering what happened to that gorgeous vintage fabric I blogged about a while back?

My cheeky lil sis got her hands on the end product before I could get it on sale.

She looks pretty pleased with herself!! Isn't she cute?

Dotty Dixie

Sorry things have been a bit quiet on the blog front of late! My stock has been getting a bit low so I have been on a 'creating marathon'!
Dotty Dixie is the first to be uploaded to my etsy store. Here is her story:
"Dotty Dixie started life as two different dresses. One was a super trendy cocktail dress and one was a daggy old granny's dress. Can you guess which was which? Now that the dresses have been completely deconstructed and 'rejenerated' into a tote with attitude...not even Dixie can remember which dress was uncool! Recycling has never been so sexy..."
Stay tuned for more designs coming soon - including my new 'petites' range. So cute!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Urban Uma

Here is my latest creation, Urban Uma.

And here is her story:

"Urban Uma is a city gal at heart. She is a unique combination of vintage fabric, recycled vinyl and parts of a salvaged dress. The result is a stunning tote that brings vintage chic to the inner city. Take her out in the concrete jungle and watch her work it!"

You can get her at now!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Goodbye Geraldine!

Whilst out op-shopping (how unusual!) the other day I found a funky looking denim skirt with a bold graphic of the most gorgeous giraffe splashed across it.

The zip up the back was broken but other than that it was in perfect condition so naturally, I snapped it up!

I deconstructed the skirt and 'rejenerated' it into this fab looking tote and had visions of her being taken down to the local growers markets and filled with delicious organic produce...

I have been calling her Geraldine which I fancy as the perfect name for such a gorgeous looking giraffe and am pleased to say that she has now found a happy home.

So long Geraldine! x

Monday, October 6, 2008

Funky Fleur and Posh Posy...

Just a quick post with some pics of my latest creations, Funky Fleur (blue) and Posh Posy (pink).

Funky Fleur

"Funky Fleur is no stranger to the fashion world. She started life as a stunning sun dress, turning heads everywhere she she didn't cope well when she was cast to the back of the wardrobe and eventually discarded.But now that she has been paired with some salvaged curtains and 'rejenerated' into a funky bag, she's back to her old tricks Fleur over your shoulder and be prepared for rubber-necking!"

Posh Posy
"Posh Posy has always been a proper lady. Starting life as a pretty pink frock, she is well-accustomed to attending afternoon tea and champagne picnics in the park. In her new life she has been completely 'rejenerated' into a pretty handbag, lined with the fabric from another salvaged dress and topped with the cutest recycled buttons. With Posy at your side you'll be ready for tea with the Queen!"

Both these bags are now available in my Etsy store ( and will shortly be uploaded to - the best place for Aussies to purchase.


Jen x

Sunday, October 5, 2008

World Vegetarian Week

Don't forget it's World Vegetarian Week from October 1-7!

Even if you're a meat eater - it's a great excuse to whip up a delish lentil burger and be a good little greenie :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vintage Verity

Packed up Vintage Verity yesterday and sent her off to her new home. She was one of my favourites so I'm excited someone else loves her too!

Actually I've had 3 requests since she sold asking if she's still available. People are not quite getting it when I try and explain that the bags are one-offs and can't be re-created.

I will have to make some more in the same style as Verity I think...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Morning Walk...

I tend to use exercise as meditation time. My morning walk is time to organise my mental daily to-do list and my afternoon jog is usually when I come up with inspiration for new designs.

Hmmm I guess that's not technically meditating is it?

It's not hard to convince myself to get out of bed and head out for a walk when we live in such a beautiful area. I still can't believe you can have such stunning scenery not 10 minutes from the city!
Thought I would share a few pics from this morning's walk.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Fabrics!

Very excited - just had these two gorgeous vintage fabrics delivered. They are so pretty and will be perfect for spring.

Now I'm off to start creating - watch this space to see what they are transformed into.

Is it wrong to get this excited over vintage fabric?? :)