Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Post Office Guy Now Knows My Name!

Now I could look at this one of two ways:
1. He remembers me because I'm constantly at the post office which means that I am selling lots of bags which means that things are going really well

2. Now that I no longer have three of my best buddies sitting within chatting distance all day (as per my previous job) I ramble on endlessly to the poor unsuspecting post office man every time I enter the post office which causes him to think I'm a little unusual and therefore I stick in his memory.

Hmmmm I'm going with reason number one I think.

Here are today's packages...just waiting to be taken to the lovely post office guy :)


Pippa said...

Ooooh I want to receive on of those cute lookin' packages!

Might leave some hints for Santa ;)

Nicole said...

Or it could be #3) Creepy Post office guy has a crush on you and has post office security camera footage of you that he takes home and watch over and over...

Just kidding! Love your website. It's Nicole by the way (Antony's Mrs). I'me sending the web address out to all my friends!

rejenerate said...

Ha ha ha gee I hope it's option #3.

You can just imagine how dreamy the post office guy is ;)

The website is still in the works...but it's getting there! Thanks Nicole x