Friday, July 2, 2010

Customise your clutch...

I am now offering custom 'Waste Not Want Not' clutches through my Etsy Shop.
So now you can virtually raid my stash of vintage and salvaged fabrics, linens, doilies, ribbons, buttons and trims, pick out your favourites and check your mail box a little while later to see all those pretty things transformed into a clutch!


its simple love said...

Beautiful. I want to raid it and see what you have. It all looks so delicate.


p.s. I have had trouble commenting on your blog. It never goes through. I hope this one does!

rejenerate said...

You can come over and raid my stash anytime - it's not far for you ha ha

Sorry to hear you're having probs commenting - not sure why...?

Anyway this comment reached me safely. Yay!