Thursday, September 2, 2010

everyday romance

The Mister is not really one for grand romantic gestures.
Flowers, perfume and jewellery are not things I find myself showered with on a regular basis.
And that suits me just fine because after a bit of a restless night with The Little Miss, I awoke to find a hot coffee and my favourite rye bread waiting for me to get my morning off to a good start.
Now call me crazy, but to me, that's romance.


Emma said...

Indeed :)

Congratulations on your Little Miss Jennie!

renee anne said...

AND the clever man remembered to take your KEEP CUP!

now that IS romance.

rejenerate said...

Thanks Emma!

Renee - he's knows he'd be in trouble otherwise ha ha

its simple love said...

That is so cute! A few of your favorite things is always romantic! It means he pays attention... which is romantic in my book! And rye bread is a whole lot healthier than chocolates!


jessie said...

umm all i can say is 'aww'.
so very sweet jen :)

Eeks said...

Oh, that is so sweet! I am married to a similar bloke - not overly romantic, etc. but then when he does do something thoughtful - like your husband - it really touches you! I love your blog BTW, congratulations! Thanks also go to Germaine Leece, who unearthed you for me! Ike