Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Moving, Moving, Moving...

For the last year we have been renting the cutest, quirkiest little cottage called 'Bohemia'. We have grown quite attached to the place.

Unfortunately the owners have decided to sell which means impending homelessness. Well not really, it just means we'll be moving.

But today I am having a moment of nostalgia and thinking about how much I will miss the place. Especially our wonderful kitchen which has played host to many fun occassions including posh afternoon tea with proper teacups and tea pots and cucumber sandwiches, 'nacho 'n margerita night', morrocan feasts, greasy hangover brekkies, summer bbqs and of course one of our fave...breakfast for dinner or 'brinner' as I recently heard it referred to on an episode of 'Scrubs'.

But you gotta hand it to real estate agents. They really know how to find the selling points in a house. The advertisement for our place boasts that it enjoys 'harbour views'. Well here they are:

No? Nothing? Ok try the zoomed in view:

Ah there's the bridge...just behind the telegraph pole. See it? No? Oh well. I tried.
To be fair, the view is more prominent in reality. If you stand on your toes at the kitchen window, you can definitely see the bridge but let's just say I wouldn't suggest sending out the New Years Eve invites just yet :)
Anyway, it's not all bad news. We are moving to a bigger place which means I will have my very own office as well as an entire loft to store my bags, fabrics, buttons etc etc. Bliss!

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Rest is not idleness said...

Oh, I like your kitchen, looks very nice. Large too. I certainly wouldn't describe that as a view, maybe a glimpse :)
It will be lovely to have lots of room to put all your fabrics and stuff
take care