Monday, February 23, 2009

Soundwave Festival

The Soundwave Festival finally rolled around on the weekend and I was itching to get there and check out some awesome bands - Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, Alkaline Trio, Bedouin Soundclash to mention just a few.

Less than Jake were due on stage at 12.30pm so we trekked out to Eastern Creek and arrived at 11.45am.

At 2.30pm we finally walked through the entry gates after spending almost 3 hours in 'line', squished together like sardines in alternate direct sun and rain, breathing in second hand cigarette smoke, watching dehydrated people faint and vomit and eventually urinate on the spot when they couldn't hold on any longer.

It was a hideous nightmare.

By the time we finally got in, we had missed three of the bands we were most keen to see. Not happy, especially after paying over 100 bucks for the ticket and trekking all the way out west!

Anyhoo, we did manage to catch some great bands in the end. The highlight was definitely Bedouin Soundclash. They were so good that we're heading to The Annandale tonight to for another dose.

Needless to say I will NEVER go to Soundwave Festival again. I just hope it doesn't take a tragedy occurring in that health hazard of a 'line-up' to make some changes to the (lack of) system.

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