Friday, June 26, 2009

One of those days...'s been one of those days for me. The kind where you get stuck in ridiculous amounts of traffic, get hopelessly lost in foreign suburbs, drop your nice load of freshly washed white towels in the mud, get given the wrong coffee order, fall over and bruise your knee and get unjustified dirty looks from complete strangers.

Ok so if that's a bad day for me, I guess I shouldn't really complain! On the upside, I received a lovely package in the mail from my mum. She has been out scouting op shops for all things doily related and this is a sneak peek of the little treats she gathered for me. Stay tuned to see what cute things they get 'upcycled' into. Can't wait to get started.

I also dropped into Reverse Garbage and picked up tons of zippers and the most amazing stash of discarded upholstery fabrics, mainly from Freedom and Jimmy Possum. They are gorgeous and were destined for landfill, but now, thanks to Reverse Garbage, they will find new lives as ReJenerate handbags. Cool.

PS I do have lots of lovely new creations waiting to get uploaded into my shop, but by the time I struggled through peak hour traffic I got home too late to take any decent photos. But it won't be long!


Emma said...

Reverse Garbage is great!

Can't wait to see your latest creations. Your work is beautiful and inspiring. I have started a wish list!

PaperLion said...

Urgh, hate days like that. Hope it's improving already!

rejenerate said...

Thanks ladies...your comments have made me feel better already :)