Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You win Mother Nature, you win...

Rainy weather always gets me a little stir-crazy. Indoor time can be a's a great excuse for catching up on DVDs and snuggling under a doona but after a few hours, I'm ready to move on.

Yesterday I decided I'd had enough of the freezing, rainy weather stopping my daily jog so I took on Mother Nature during a break in the downfalls. Never a good plan, I should know by now that I am no match for Mother Nature.

I failed to take into consideration the enormous lentil burger I had inhaled for lunch and about half way through my run I had a killer stitch and had to stop to walk. Of course, at that point it started to pour with rain so I was left pathetically half walking, half running, looking like a drowned rat!

Today I am feeling a cold coming on and I am reminded not to mess with Mother Nature.

So I am daydreaming about suddenly being transported into the lovely court yard above with a handful of girlfriends, some cruisy tunes and a few pitchers of margaritas. Mmmmm.

Photo from here.

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