Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things They Do Better In Germany...

I have been lucky enough to visit Germany a few times and I have learned of many 'things they do better in Germany' over the years.
Ever since the author of one of my fave blogs, Decor8, moved to Germany recently, I have found out many more things to add to my list.
One of them is definitely this awesome community bookcase. Yep, it's just a book case in the street. You can go ahead and borrow any books you library late fines...nothing! Just repay the favour and donate an old book or two of your own.
Would these work in Australia? I'm not so sure, but I for one would love to live in a town filled with community bookcases.


Emma said...

Wouldn't that make for a nice world? And a better educated and more articulate one too. Books books everywhere!

amanda said...

Oh I love this idea! I think i'll spend the rest of the day dreaming of a town where books are free and line the streets.