Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today I'm Obsessed With...Twin Set!

Swoon. Aren't these vintage outfits beyond gorgeous??? Well I have some seriously great news...you can grab them, and many more lovely pieces, from new online vintage boutique 'twin set' (how cute is that?).
You HAVE to visit their website even if only to check out their divine Look Book. It's guaranteed to make you drool. Oh and you can even see some photos included from a super fun photo shoot I did with the twin set girls. Snapping shots of the gorgeous Renee in lovely vintage dresses definitely made for a fun day!
Isn't is fab to have an online vintage boutique in Sydney? Big props to Angela and Renee for taking the hard work out of searching for vintage threads.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Facts

I am feeling pretty fancy today as Hayley from Heidi & Seek has nominated me for a Blog Award. Thanks Hayley!
So apparently in acceptance of the award I need to list 10 random things about myself. So here goes:
1. I was born in Sweden
2. I don't like bananas but I do like all banana related food products eg banana bread, banana cake, banana smoothies etc
3. I am scared of The Muppets. Yep, those cute little furry puppets...they scare the bejeezus out of me.
4. I am obsessed with the TV show Scrubs. I think it's the world's funniest show and have watched the whole series countless times.
5. I love walking. Alot. In fact, I once walked 100km non-stop for charity. My knees have never quite recovered.
6. I don't like any show's on commercial TV...it's all crap. Who programs these channels??
7. I lied in point 6. I do like Master Chef. And Scrubs re-runs :)
8. My husband was once voted the 'World's Most Awesome Man'. It was just a small ceremony with only he and I in attendance...but I don't think that makes it any less special.
9. My favourite colour is white.
10. I plan to start a PR campaign for tofu when I have some spare time. I love that stuff and it gets such a hard time. So stay tuned for that...

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Goodies

I have some new Slouchy Bags available this week and they will be listed in my Etsy Shop over the next day or two.
I have just uploaded Slouchy Sierra (pictured). Check her out here.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things They Do Better In Germany...

I have been lucky enough to visit Germany a few times and I have learned of many 'things they do better in Germany' over the years.
Ever since the author of one of my fave blogs, Decor8, moved to Germany recently, I have found out many more things to add to my list.
One of them is definitely this awesome community bookcase. Yep, it's just a book case in the street. You can go ahead and borrow any books you like...no fees...no library cards...no late fines...nothing! Just repay the favour and donate an old book or two of your own.
Would these work in Australia? I'm not so sure, but I for one would love to live in a town filled with community bookcases.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am very excited about September 19!

Carriageworks in Eveleigh is hosting 'Rethreads: Clothing, Music and Book Exchange'.

Basically the deal is that you rock up with your old clothes, music and books (that are still in good condition but perhaps don't hold the same excitement for you that they used to!), hand them over and pick out some fancy new clothes, music or books.

If you hand over 10 items of clothing, you get to pick out 10 new (well pre-loved) items. It's that simple!

Now that's good green fun he he he