Monday, March 22, 2010

new release at twin set

My favourite vintage clothing label {twin set} have just released their latest offerings. More divine fashion and photography.
Do yourself a favour and check out their new look book, Deco Dreams. Beyond beautiful.


Tamara Nicole said...

How cute is all of that!?!?

renee anne said...

oh lovely, you are the sweetest person in the whole world.

just saw your awesome picture in Peppermint. You look gorgeous and so does the "studio".

can I just say, I was SO EXCITED when I saw my tin in the photo that I got in trouble from James for yelling in his ear. I actually think seeing this tin excites me more than other "things" about the issue. So thank you so much, it means so much to me.

Hope you are well. Talk soon lovely lady.


rejenerate said...

Tamara - I know! Twin set photo shoots always get me swooning :)

Renee - ha ha you're too funny. I think that tin is probably my fave thing in my 'studio'. I know it's just a tin but it's so pretty and it's recycled and it's made with love by my lovely friend so it makes me happy every day!