Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Peppermint Mag = excitement times two

I think I've mentioned before how much I love Peppermint mag. It's filled with eco fashion and lifestyle and just general prettiness.

This issue is soooo extra special because on the cover is my gorgeous gal pal, Renee Anne. Doesn't she look amazing??

That's the 'excitement' part. The 'times two' part is that that I have stolen a little appearance in the 'Renee issue', appearing as the subject of this issue's 'Meet Your Maker' so I have a little interview and pic (with my 7 month pregnant belly hiding behind my desk!!).

Thanks Pepermint Mag xx


jessie@truthbetold said...

ok this is me at the newsagent today : ahh its here! look thats my friend! she looks unreal!!! yay! (flicking through the pages + maybe jumping up and down) omg there are my illsutrations - see them I drew that!!!! and look there is jennie yay!! awesome!!! aww see see see!!!
i was saying this to the guy behind the counter who wasn't quite sharing my enthusiasm. but in any case - yay! congrats sweetie !!

its simple love said...

I have never heard of this mag! I will have to look into it. I am going to start an etsy shop when I return from my travels. It's going to be very eco friendly as well. You and your blog are so inspiring!

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Emma said...

That is exciting! You look gorgeous. Congratulations on your pregnancy. You're going to have the best nappy bag at mother's group ;)

rejenerate said...

Jess - Yay! I only just had a chance to flick through the mag and noticed your divine illustrations. You are amazing. Congrats! Peppermint Mag actually equals excitement times three!

Rachael - This is a great mag...can't wait to see your Etsy shop!! Will def check out your giveaway :)

Emma - thank you! Hope things are going well with you??

Emma said...

Jennie! Everything is going well... I just disappeared from the blogsphere for a while because life just got too crazy with these 2 kiddos of mine and I could only manage facebook, but now that the bub is 8 months old and keeping himself a bit busier I'm starting to find time to read my fave blogs. I've missed seeing your creations. I hope your pregnancy has been smooth sailing :)

Frolic in Fabric said...

Hi! I read your article in the Mint Mag - great read. How great it is to be able to do what you are passionate about - and do it well. All the best to you, especialy with bub on the way...Elizabeth

Tamara Nicole said...

Big time!!! Congrats:-) I will have to chk out that mag