Monday, August 3, 2009

Current Girl Crush

I'm sad it is no longer last week. Now that it is this week, Lisa Mitchell is no longer the feature album on Triple J.
I was loving singing along to her poppy, folksy, whimsical tunes last week. And even though she started out on Australian Idol...well I forgive her and love her anyway.


My Charlie Girl said...

Hehe, I forgive her too!
My current girl crush also.
I've been listening to her FLAT out!


art4friends said...

gah! she is so amazing. I must go grab the cd asap.

AND OMG thank you for posting me along side her. (well below really but you know what I mean). the HONOUR!

Oh and I think it is a case of your bags making ME look good NOT the other way around hahahaha.

Pround reJenerate bag owner right here :)