Sunday, August 9, 2009

My kind of retail therapy...

One thing I have discovered about Melbourne is that they don't have quite the same obsession with 'shiny and new' things that Sydney seems to. Vintage and pre-loved is definitely the epitome of cool in Melbourne and vintage and second hand stores line all the trendy streets and are styled and merchandised so well.

Pics above are from The Thread Den in North Melbourne which is packed with indie design and vintage clothing and bric a brac. It even has a room filled with sewing machines where they run lessons and craft nights. Love it!

The Mr. picked up an orange and brown 70s tie...this seemed to appease him after I made him walk all the way from our Fitzroy B+B after having already walked the whole of Smith St and Brunswick St that day. That was a tiring day!

Even the op shops in Melbourne display awesome merchandising. There was so much cool stuff available in this shop (above) on Brunswick St.
And of of the coolest stores we visited was The Sticky Institute - 'the world's only known zine store'. Picked up a few gems here.

So much to drool over, so little time.

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