Monday, January 25, 2010

Upcycled prettiness

Oh. my. god.
Upcycling bliss!
Look at this gorgeous pencil tin/vase I just scored from Renee Anne's gorgeous shop!
She has done a little re-vamp of her shop and is now offering the most divine handmade vases and tins created from recycled cans and vintage wallpaper and various scraps of paper and fabric.
This is going to look gorgeous in my studio and will make me happy every day. Thanks Renee!
There are still some other tins available but be quick because I can't imagine these will last long!
See them here.


art4friends said...

have I told you how amazing you are???

thank you so much lovely. the sweetest blog post ever.


The Style Mansion said...

Gorgeous vases.To think that they are recycled too.

rejenerate said...

I know! That's the great thing about recycled takes a little imagination and alot of originality so the result is usually amazing.'ve told me once or twice but go on...tell me again :)