Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ginger Brulee Deliciousness

A few years ago when the Mr. and I used to live over near Surry Hills in Sydney, one of our favourite sunday morning things was to go to Bourke St Bakery for a coffee and miscellaneous tart/bread/baked good.

Sure there was always a line up and you could never get a seat, but I guess that's because their creations were so goooood.

When we moved to the inner west we found a gazillion awesome new places to try out on our lazy sunday mornings, but I must say that we do miss Bourke St Bakery.

So when I saw they had released a recipe book, I had to buy it for the Mr.

On the weekend we finally got around to trying out a couple of the recipes. Ok, ok it was pretty much all the Mr - I was mainly just moral support. But that's important too.

So here are some pics of our efforts (and they are pretty dodgy pics given that the tarts we chose to make took a whopping 36 hours to complete which meant the sun had well and truly gone down on the weekend before we got to sample the results).

Our challenge

What they are supposed to look like

The pastry complete. It was gooood!

All filled and ready to be torched!

The fun part.

Our result...not bad right??

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