Thursday, January 6, 2011

What a tease...

My wonderful Mr. bought me a bike for Christmas.
I'm super excited because I have been wanting a bike for aaages and now I have one! Well, technically I don't have it yet. It got delivered to my parents house, as that's where we were over Christmas...but it arrived after we left.
What did arrive in time though was my new helmet and this basket for the front of the bike. What a tease! I haven't actually seen the bike yet but with a basket like this, it's gotta be pretty cute right?
Now I'm just dreaming of filling the basket with baguettes and cheese, popping the Little Miss in the baby seat and setting off with The Mr for a sunday bike ride/picnic.
Hurry up bike!

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Denae said...

I truly loved owning a bike when I lived in Eugene, Oregon. Zipping through town with my blood pumping but me in the best mood. I didn't have a cute helmet and certainly not a fab basket but loved every minute that I was with nature, wind through my hair, sounds of crickets, sun setting, just riding around...