Thursday, October 30, 2008

Betty Bow

I was excited to be asked by my lovely friend Giovanna Lever, to make a little red clutch for her. I created Betty Bow and sent her off this week.

Here is her story:

"Betty Bow started life as a gorgeous red party frock but soon the invitations dried up and she was left alone at the back of the closet.
Now that she has been trimmed with some cute vintage fabric and completely ‘rejenenerated’ into a clutch with attitude, she is longing to get back on the party scene! Beware: Betty loves to be the centre of attention so is not recommended for wallflowers…"

I am currently working on a number of clutches and will post them this space!

The lovley Giv has her own business called GivandTake which has been featured in Sydney Morning Hearld's Good Living and is currently being featured in Notebook magazine. Check her out on page 59!

Or head to her website to check out all the delicious home made treats she makes - many of which are traditional Italian recipes passed down through the generations of her family.

Giv will be making the desserts for our upcoming wedding too so our guests are in for a real treat!!

My favourite are her Pasta di Mandorle - truly the most delicious treat I have ever had! Keep up the tasty work Giv :)


Anonymous said...

Oh that clutch is just THE CUTEST!!!

Just checked out the give and take website - could be a good option for my upcoming kitchen tea...?


Anonymous said...

I don't know what those are but they look gooooooood. I'm hungry.