Monday, October 13, 2008

Urban Uma

Here is my latest creation, Urban Uma.

And here is her story:

"Urban Uma is a city gal at heart. She is a unique combination of vintage fabric, recycled vinyl and parts of a salvaged dress. The result is a stunning tote that brings vintage chic to the inner city. Take her out in the concrete jungle and watch her work it!"

You can get her at now!


Anonymous said...

Just found your bags through Facebook.

I love Urban Uma and tried to buy her but I can't seem to find her in your Etsy shop.

Can you please help?


rejenerate said...

Hi Monika,

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Urban Uma sold this afternoon I'm afraid! All my bags are one-offs so unfortunately she is no longer available.

I have some similar vintage fabrics that you might like though - send me an email at - I would be happy to create something similar for you.