Thursday, October 16, 2008


Anyone wondering what happened to that gorgeous vintage fabric I blogged about a while back?

My cheeky lil sis got her hands on the end product before I could get it on sale.

She looks pretty pleased with herself!! Isn't she cute?


Amber said...

love this one!! somehow I didn't when u posted the fabric though..
ur sister looks mighty pleased with it !

rejenerate said...

Thanks's funny how different fabrics can look once made up into a bag.

Sadly it works the other way around sometimes...great fabric, bad handbag!! :(

Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous sunday x

Nons said...

I'm still loving this bag to!! It's definately my new fav! Great for the beach and an excellent way to brighten up an outfit! Thanks sis xx

rejenerate said...

Glad you like it x