Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finders Keepers = Success + Exhaustion

Wow - what an awesome weekend it was at The Finders Keepers Markets at Carriageworks. The friday night was especially PACKED with a funky and friendly crowd and I was on my feet all night chatting with people and selling my recycled lovelies. Luckily my gorgeous mum was there to help out as was my fiance...he and his mates did a great job of keeping the bar in business all night he he he

Thank you so much to everyone who dropped by to say hi, picked up some of my wares or just came by to check out my stall. A huge thanks especially to those who have been following my blog and came to the markets especially to see me. I had no idea all the lovely people out there who have been reading my blog. You really made my day!!

Yesterday was recovery day so we headed to The Rocks Markets (had I not had enough of markets???) to pick up some gorgeous handmade Christmas decorations and got out (and dusted off!) the old Christmas tree for the first time in five years!!

I must say that I find the commercialism of Christmas a bit overwhelming most of the time but there is something about a Chrissie Tree that really gets me in the spirit. Could have had something to do with the g&t's consumed while decorating :)

Today I have also had the morning off and headed off to 'Mint Condition' my favourite vintage boutique on Victoria Rd in Rozelle. I was on a mission to find a dress for my Hen's Night which is on this weekend and has a vintage theme.

I found a gorgeous dress from the fifties that will be perfect. The festivities are starting at my place for 'Champagne High Tea' so I headed to Vinnies as well and picked up a fabulous kitsch tea set to use for serving up all the treats on the day. The rest of the night's activities are being kept secret from me...should be fun!!

Today's last stop was Ikea. Having been born in Sweden, I always feel nostalgic when I am faced with all that natural pine and scandinavian fabric...not to mention the smell of meatballs and potatoes sizzling away...and I don't even eat meat!!!

I picked up a few Christmas specials, including one of my fave treats 'Pepparkakor' (ginger snaps). Ikea's version may not be quite as good as Farmor (grandma) made them, but I must say, they're pretty damn good!

Mmmmm...I'm off to get stuck in now! And then to attack the inbox full of emails that has stacked up during my relaxing morning of vintage fashion and Swedish yummies.


Jessica said...

It was so lovely to meet you at the markets...I have told all my friends about your label and they are going to check it out too.

I couldn't wait till Christmas to give my sister her new bag and gave it to her as soon as I got home!!! I'm hopeless!

She loved it - thank you.


Amber said...

Are you able to post the bags you didn't sell online? I cant get to your markets as I am in Brissy.. it would be great to be able to see your whole range and have them available for purchase :)

rejenerate said...

Thanks Jess. Was so lovely to meet you too! I'm so glad your sister liked the bag.

I hope you love yours too!

Hi Amber - you're in my Facebook group I think aren't you? I will be posting the remaining few I have available over the next couple of days and I have marked the ones that are gone as 'sold'.

I also hope to get back to creating early next week so there will be some new ones then.

Can't wait till my website is up and will be soooo much more simple then!

So keep an eye on Facebook (or my blog)over the coming days and do let me know if you have any questions at all.

Thanks Amber :)

Jen x

Amber said...

ok will do. Thanks Jen