Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Life Is Complete.

I love coffee. I can't help it.

Every now and then I get a bee in my bonnet and try to transfer my addiction to herbal tea, which I also enjoy...but it's just not the same.

Most days I go for a wander in my neighbourhood and pick a convincing looking barista to fulfill my daily addiction.

I usually try to go with soy but often I fall back on that naughty dairy stuff.

Sometimes I will have the coffee in a cafe, try and get some work done and enjoy a brief change of scenery. But usually I get a take-away and head home to attack my inbox.

You know what that means? I probably go through at least 200 paper coffee cups a year, not to mention those enticing little plastic lids that keep everything all warm and contained.

Imagine if I had sugar?? That would add 200 plastic spoons and 200 paper sachets to the daily count. Ah, the guilt.

Is it just me or are paper coffee cups the latest fashion accessory?? It seems the paparazzi can't get a shot of a starlet who isn't clutching one of these little suckers.

Oversized sunnies. Check. Hideously overpriced handbag. Check. Enormous cup of Starbucks. Check.

But fear not ladies. Today I made the below discovery...

A porcelain cup that LOOKS like a take away cup. Now you can ease your land-fill guilt without giving up your dream of being the third Olsen twin...err triplet.

Just today's little gift from me to you.

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Dan said...

ha ha so true...the paper coffee cup is soooo the new fashion accessory :)

Longtime lurker