Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Stockist - Leeloo

Well it's been a crazy week at Rejenerate HQ (my tiny, awkwardly shaped loft office!) so I apologise for the lack of posting.

However, I've got lots of new bags to come and some very exciting news.

Leeloo, the gorgeous online boutique, is now stocking an exclusive range of Rejenerate handbags.

Here is a peek at the range:

Mod Marcia:

"She's mesmerising, she's mischievous and she's oh-so-mod. Handcrafted from two sets of vintage curtains, Mod Marcia has been completely 'rejenerated' into the perfect sized handbag. Pop Marcia over your shoulder and you'll be gripped by the unshakeable desire to jump on a scooter and make haste to the nearest nightclub to boogie the night away!"

Find out more here.

Nouveau Norma:

"Nouveau Norma is not your average handbag. Having been handcrafted from a stunning vintage fabric and a pair of pre-loved jeans, Norma has a rich life history that screams vintage chic. She's so sixties, so stylish and so sassy...and completely unique, just like you!"

Find out more here.

Vintage Viola:

"Vintage Viola has been 'rejenerated' into a gorgeous handbag from a stunning piece of vintage fabric. Lined with the material from a pre-loved dress and topped with recycled buttons, she finally has the chance to bring her show-stopping sense of vintage chic to the new millenium. Give Viola a chance at a new life, and your sense of eco-style will be a conversation starter. "

Find out more here.


leeloodogblog said...

Hooray for Rejenerate! Hooray for Leeloo! Hooray Hooray Hooray!!!

Bianca said...

Ooooh I love Leeloo. Going to check out your new stuff now!