Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday lovely sunday...

Yesterday was a fun day at the Newtown Designers Market...although I appear to have nodded off in this shot! I said goodbye to some of my handbags:

Met/caught up with some lovely and talented Aussie designers like Lisa from Lox + Savvy:

And perhaps best of all, the gorgeous Jenny from Paperlion (you're my favourite stalker Jenny, if you're reading this he he he) dropped by to hand deliver this gorgeous birthday gift that my mum had ordered from her for my birthday (thanks mum!) :

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Louisa said...

I saw Lox + savvy at Finders Keepers. What lovely things.

And great score on that photo album (I think that's what it is??). I love the cover.

I heard you will be at Bondi Markets on sunday. I will be in the neighbourhood so I will come by and say hi. Would be lovely to meet you in person!

Maddie (Lou's Jeans)