Friday, May 1, 2009

Fashion Palette - Day 1

Last night was the launch of Fashion Palette where I had the chance to meet a few lovely people and score a few glasses of free bubbly. Whoo hoo!
And today it was down the the serious stuff, the conference part of the proceedings.
There were two stand outs today in my mind.
The first was Spanish fashion illustrator, Arturo Elena. Some of his pics are posted above.
His work has such a European, and particularly Spanish feel (not surprisingly!) and although it's not my usual style, I found myself absolutely fascinated by him.
Arturo spoke through a translator but still managed to convey a sincere and humble personality and was incredibly interesting to listen to. We also had the chance to view some footage of him creating his artworks and his talent is absolutely breath-taking to watch in action.
Ah why couldn't I have been born with some drawing talent???
The next stand out was Kate Vandermeer of fame.
Wow - what an incredible business woman! She was such an inspiration.
I scribbled down pages of notes as she gave her fantastic presentation, which was just so relevant to me and my little label.
I also had the chance to meet Kate last night and she is just so lovely.
She has now moved on from and is working on a new project called I Spy this space!

Looking forward to more Fashion Palette goodness tomorrow!

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art4friends said...

oh wow! that sound super! glad it was valuable, I love it when things like that are worthwhile.

And thank you for the really sweet comment over at Heart Handmade!! Made me smile :)