Saturday, May 9, 2009

Today I'm Obsessed With...

Today I'm obsessed with Dujour Magazine. It's filled with fashion art, photography and lots of handmade, vintage and indie loveliness. And best of's carbon neautral!
That makes me happy.
The mag is out of the US and is available through Mag Nation in Australia. Unfortunately it's a touch on the expensive side so if, like me, you can't justify $70 for a magazine and you prefer trees to remain trees rather than glossy mags, be like totally 21st century and subscribe digitally.
It's less than US$10 for a whole year! Good times.


Rest is not idleness said...

The styling of the front cover on that magazine reminds me of the ones on early "mens" magazines (probably early 60's)
$70 for a magazine, wow that's exy, I looked at one the other day and thought $18 was pricey, I'm going to be like you and subscribe digitally, and the dollar is up so will make it a little bit cheaper as well.
take care

My Charlie Girl said...

The cover image is so gorgeous. Think ill be a digital subscriber :)