Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's Your Favourite Colour?

'What's Your Favourite Colour?'
It's one of those quintessential questions you get asked all through your life. And it's never been a question that I've ever been able to answer. I've feebly replied 'green', 'purple' and 'yellow' before but I never really meant it.
Well today is a triumphant day because I've finally realised that my favourite colour is white. Yep, WHITE.
And if anyone out there is thinking, 'White is not a real colour', I don't want to hear it.
Because I'm in love.
I think it was the above pics from that finally confirmed my decision.
The mr has always loved brown. Think tweed coats, brown wool cardies, old worn reading chairs and basically the entire 1970s.
Luckily brown and white are a match made in heaven. Perhaps we could live here:

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