Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Overnight Love

I have been doing lots of custom orders lately. While they are definitely a bit more work, I find they're the best way to get inspiration for new lines. After all, it's a customer telling you EXACTLY what they want. It's the best market research available!

Above is a pic of an overnight bag I created recently for a super stylish girl who loves her retro. This was so fun to create and I will definitely be churning out some more overnighters soon.

At the moment I am working on lots of custom bridal orders. Will be sure to post pics of some in the coming weeks.


art4friends said...

that is SUPER sweet!
I definitely find myself wanting one of THESE.

So good!! I might have to think about this whole custom reqesting thing ;)

rejenerate said...

Thanks hon :)

Ooooh I would have fun creating something Renee worthy he he he