Friday, April 24, 2009

Gorgeous Give-Away...

How cute are these little rings by Aussie label Candy Hand? Or should I say how 'sweet' are these rings...they're tiny little desserts attached to adjustable rings. Love it!

And best of all, you could win all three of them through a little comp being run by Leeloo!

Just head over to the gorgeous Daydream Lily blog and leave a comment about which is your fave product available in the lovely Leeloo shop.

Or sign-up for Leeloo's newsletter or buy something on and mention the Daydream Lily Blog and you'll get automatic entry!

Today's little gift from me to you :)


art4friends said...

ohhh thank you lovely!
p.s. I notice you said you like going to the farmers markets. probably my most favourite thing in the world to do. I love chatting to the farmers. and the freshness is amazing.

you are so lovely. x

rejenerate said...

So glad you like your new purse :)

Thanks for dropping by and saying hey!

And yep, Farmers Markets ROCK!!