Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Me and Candy Spelling

It seems like every time I turn on the news (well on the commercial stations anyway) I am confronted with Candy Spelling's face and pictures of her $150 million mansion.

Apparently it's on the market and is the most expensive house for sale in the US. Um...great. But aren't there senseless wars going on and devastating humanitarian disasters? Shouldn't reporters be busy with these issues? Apparently not.

Anyway, upon hearing the story for the 7th time, I realised that Candy is actually a woman after my own heart. She has a 'gift wrapping room'!!! Now if I were rich and famous that's something I could go for.

I love, love, love wrapping gifts and do have a special spot in my workspace that is entirely dedicated to wrapping my creations before sending them on their way to their new homes. I also have several drawers dedicated to storing all the recycled tissue paper, ribbon, wrapping paper etc that my friends save for me so that I can package my handbags prettily without feeling guilty!

I thought having one surface space entirely dedicated to wrapping was extravagant but apparently good ol' Candy has THREE gift wrapping rooms in her mansion!

Surely she wouldn't mind passing just one of them onto me?


Rest is not idleness said...

I had a little laugh when I saw that story on the news (is it really news), I laughed even more when I saw the 'gift wrapping room", and she had 17 bathrooms (I think) as well, that's a whole lot of cleaning isn't it.

rejenerate said...

I know! I was upset enough when I moved into a place with two bathrooms. Cleaning one bathroom is bad enough!

Although I'm thinking that if you can afford to have 17 bathrooms, you're probably not cleaning your own loos :)