Thursday, April 9, 2009

'Little Splash of Vintage' Clutch

As most of you know by now, I am a fan of recycling. I am not a fan of throwing things away unnecessarily.

So even when creating with vintage and recycled fabrics, I refuse to throw away any scraps or off-cuts. Instead I hoard them away like a crazy woman with the idea of one day turning them all into one huge, fancy patchwork handbag that is completely mismatched and all over the place but somehow uber-cool.

Well that hasn't quite happened yet and my little workspace is being overtaken by fabric scraps so I have designed a little clutch/pouch that can be made with the off-cuts of my vintage and pre-loved that's recycling!

Here is the first creation in the 'Little Splash of Vintage' range:

This particular clutch is made from a groovy sixties fabric, lined with the material from a pre-loved shirt and topped with recycled buttons.

At just $35 a pop, I think they're a really cute way to add a little vintage to your outfit.

See more details here.

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