Friday, April 3, 2009

Kris Roe Solo Show

We headed to the Oxford Art Factory last night to watch Kris Roe from the Ataris (pictured above with the band) perform in an acoustic solo show.

Although I haven't listened to the Ataris for years, this show was too intriguing to pass up as I love acoustic shows and there was a promise of 'focusing on the old stuff'.

I have to say that Kris has aged a tad and I'm not sure that he gets away with the teenage anthems like he used to. But he does have a bloody good voice and eventhough his songwriting can get a little cheesy, generally it's really great and it definitely made me, the mister and all of our mates feel more than a little nostalgic!

It was a bit random when he got the support band on stage at the end of the set so that he could 'rock out' a little. It was weird watching him perform Ataris songs with another band...should've stuck to the acoustic bit.

Anyhoo...not sure why I suddenly appointed myself as a gig reviewer but there you go :)

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