Friday, July 3, 2009

Because it's Saturday

A post of a pretty picture, just because it's saturday.
I am feeling relaxed today because I am pretty much up to date with orders and can rest assured that all of my lovely brides will receive their bridal clutches in time for their weddings. That's a good thing!
I had a mad rush to the post office last night. I left my house at 4.50pm with a green bag packed full of bridal goodness and literally sprinted (uphill) to the post office and skidded through the door just as they were trying to shut it. PHEW!
I don't think I have ever felt less welcome in a space than I did at 4.55pm in a post office with a bag full of parcels and stack of blank custom forms in front of me he he he
But a delish dinner and a couple of glasses of red with the mister and the sister took care of any stress and today I'm feeling gooooooood.
Enjoy your weekend!
Photo from here.

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