Friday, July 10, 2009

What Are You Wearing Today?

This was the question posed by Renee from Art4Friends when she tagged me yesterday. I don't think I've been tagged I better not stuff it up :)
Today I'm wearing a vintage dress, really similar to the one above, that I scored from my local vintage dress shop, Mint Condition, in Rozelle.

Unfortunately it's way to freezing for bare feet and bicycles so the dress is buried under a gorgeous and cosy cardi I got from Witchery about 4 years ago (and it's still going strong!) and a scarf I scored from Vinnies and of course my fave grey cable knit tights.
Technically I was supposed to answer this yesterday but it's a good thing I never got to it as it was a kind of hectic day that could only be tackled in jeans and Converse. Not very exciting!
But they got me through several trips to the post office (yep, I'm not organised enough to go just once!), a visit to Retrospections to drop off some new goodies for them and a quick raid of Reverse Garbage where I scored some awesome things, like this:

I'm thinking it will be perfect for a handbag strap...stay tuned.

1 comment:

art4friends said...


thanks for doing the tag!!!
lovely dress!!
but jeans and cons would have been just fine too :P

greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat to see you today!!!!!!!!!