Sunday, July 12, 2009

A good time had by all...

Here's a pic of the Leeloo/ReJenerate stall at yesterday's Kirribilli Art & Design Market. Actually most of the ReJenerate stock is not in the shot! he he he And neither are Ang (from Leeloo) or I due to the fact that we were unable to actually keep our eyes open in any photos!
It was completely freezing but we got to chat to lots of lovely customers, get a talking to from nearby stallholders for cranking the Hottest 100 too loud on our tiny portable radio (he he he) and eat some seriously good Japanese food. Not too mention a slice of delicious pear cake baked by Art4Friend's Renee...mmmm...thanks Renee :)
My only complaint is that for an 'Art & Design' market where all goods need to be designed and made in Australia, there sure did seem to be alot of cheap imported goods on sale. Not easy for independent Aussie designers to compete with unfortunately.
But overall, a fun and successful day.


art4friends said...

haha nice!

you are welcome! I had a super fun day.

A shame I look possessed in the photo! hahahaha

:) xx

rejenerate said...

You should have seen the other photos!! We were not having a very photogenic day yesterday...although you look cute in this!! x